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Grant received from Petroleum Experts Limited

Educational licenses for the structural geology modelling software: MOVE


The Department of Geoscience greatfully acknowlegdes that Petroleum Experts Limited has granted educational licenses of a total value of 1.601.840 £ (13.3 mill DKK) for the structural geology modelling software: MOVE and associated adons.

The state of the art software will be used for teaching advanced structural geology, as an analytical tool in MSc thesis and PhD studies.

Examples of MSc study: The architecture of the central Swiss Jura between Lake Biel and Cornol with focus on along strike variations near the western end of the Délemont Basin (Louise Sandberg Sørensen)

The structural evolution along an e-w transect in the northern Danish Central Graben (Eduardo Ribeiro)

Example of PhD study: Early Cretaceous tectonic evolution of the Danish Central Graben (Torsten Hundebøl Hansen)


Thinskinned extension at the southern margin of the Ringkøbing Fyn High, Denmark (Torsten Hundebøl Hansen)


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