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02.12.2020 | Seminar

ESP's Gry Barfod presents to the Danish Egyptological Society

Gry Barfod presents the findings of her study on Alexandrian glass. Details from the Dansk Ægyptologisk Selskab website are provided here: Den romerske kejser Diocletian udstedte i 301 e.Kr. et dekret med en liste over priserne på handelsvarer, og hvor meget de højst måtte koste. Her henviser han bl.a. til en særlig fin type krystalklar glas…

07.09.2020 | Priser

Tillykke Thorsten

Thorsten Nagel receives Eugen Seibold medal

29.07.2020 | Forskning

ESP's Dr. Skursch publishes new article

Former ESP PhD student, Ole Skursch, has just published an article detailing some of his thesis work on the Bushveld Complex, South Africa. The ESP team, with their South African colleague, describe the transition from the ultramafic uppermost Rustenburg Layered Suite into overlying granite and granophyre at three locations in the western (the…

08.07.2020 | Forskning

‘Alexandrian’ glass confirmed by hafnium isotopes

New article from ESP's Gry Barfod and collaborators

06.04.2020 | Forskning

Leaky core?

New article by ESP and collaborators on chemical and thermal transfer at the core-mantle boundary

17.02.2020 | Forskning

A new paper with a new method from the ESP team

ESP's Eric Brown, Kenni Petersen (alumnus), and Charles Lesher have published new work on a new method to invert mantle temperature/composition from basalts. Their method combines Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling with a forward melting model. Specifically the new inverse mantle melting model constrains mantle potential temperature,…

16.01.2020 | Uddannelse

The planet needs geologists

Studying geology can easily lead you to a career in saving the planet. It is so much more than a way to get a job in oil and gas. Geologists work on subjects that are critical to transitioning to a low carbon or neutral carbon future, including geothermal energy, carbon capture and storage, metal and mineral extraction for batteries, for solar…

27.11.2019 | Arrangement

Earth System Petrology Special Seminar by Troels Nielsen

Bulk liquid for Skaergaard intrusion and its PGE-Au mineralisation: composition, correlation, liquid line of descent, and timing of sulphide saturation and silicate immiscibility.

23.10.2019 | Talentudvikling

ESP student Ole Skursch PhD defence

Granites – how do they form and how long does it take?

01.10.2019 | Forskning

Dr. Thomas Haldari will visit ESP

Christian Tegner will host Thomas Hadlari, research scientist at the Geological Survey of Canada. Dr. Haldari has spent almost 20 years doing fieldwork in Arctic Canada. While in Aarhus, Haldari will present his recent work newly describing volcanic ash beds in the Sverdrup Basin of the Canadian High Arctic, with reference to preliminary ages and…

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