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New method for finding and dating soil layers

New methods can hopefully provide faster results.

The Department of Geoscience is currently working on a project about earlier and clearer archaeological excavations together with, among others, Moesgaard Museum, Museum Østjylland and the National Police. The project is called "TITAN" and is named after Saturn's largest moon because this was first well explored using one of the new methods, infrared cameras, which we are now trying to use in archaeological excavations.

The purpose of TITAN, in short, is to investigate whether a paradigm shift is possible in field archeology by testing new methods for investigating cultural layers. These methods can be used directly in an excavation, and the hope is that they can provide earlier and clearer archaeological results.

The TITAN project is supported by Augustinusfonden, and is led by Associate Professor Søren Munch Kristiansen from Geoscience.

Søren has been out on various archaeological excavations and testing new methods for sampling, and one of those places is Sorte Muld on Bornholm. TV Bornholm stopped by to make this video. (Only in Danish)