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About Geoscience

Welcome to the Department of Geoscience


The Department of Geoscience is a department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Aarhus University. We perform basic and applied research, and research­-based education at the highest international level based on in-depth understanding of the Earth system and with a clear view to the challenges of society and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Geo-sensing, Geo-modelling and Geo-sustainability are key words in our research and education.

The educations comprise a 3-year BSc program in Geoscience and two 2-year MSc programs in Geology and Geophysics, respectively. Individual toning of the BSc-program towards geology or geophysics prepares the student for the MSc program. All programs are top-level encompassing a broad spectrum of disciplines ranging from basic to applied studies, spanning most Earth surface and deep Earth environments that are relevant to understanding the Earth system and its importance to modern human societies.