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Karoff in podcast about climate satellites

How can we monitor our greenhouse gas emissions from space with new satellites?

How do we monitor CO2 emissions? And how can we do it better in the future? These are questions that were discussed in a new podcast on Radio 4 on March 17, 2022. Here, Associate Professor Christoffer Karoff from the Department of Geoscience spoke with the host Thomas Schuman about how we with new satellites are going to monitor our greenhouse gas emissions from space.

CO2 is invisible, and therefore you cannot just take pictures and conclude something from them. But there is a solution for that. For several years we have been measuring the emission of methane via satellites, and a similar method must now be used to measure the emitted CO2.

Over time, this new way of measuring CO2 will be able to show us where we emit CO2, and it may offer some surprises for us.

But how do you measure CO2 with a satellite? You can hear Karoff talk about that in the podcast here. (Only in Danish) If you only want to hear the part with Christoffer Karoff and the new satellites, you can start at 46.21 min.