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What can we do about the problem of the increasing amount of waste in space?

On 12 January 2021, Lector Christoffer Karoff participated in the radio program Kraniebrud on Radio4 on the topic of satellites, which eventually end up as waste material in space.

Christoffer Karoff, Geoscience, AU
Christoffer Karoff is the guest on the radio show "Kraniebrud"

Thousands of satellites have been launched into space. Many private companies also send satellites into space. It has created a larger amount of waste in space. Thus, the need for cleanup has arisen. What do we do about the problem?

Lector Christoffer Karoff himself uses satellites in daily life, both to look at space, but also to become wiser about our own earth and climate change here. He is also involved in sending satellites into space together with students from Danish universities. In the radio program “Kraniebrud”, he discusses the issue of space scrap with host Mikkel Krause.

Listen to the program as a podcast (In Danish) and learn more about space junk, space law and the use of satellites.