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New energy storeage uses stones

Geoscience at AU is part of the project to store surplus energy from windmills

The pilot storage unit was inaugurated on March 18th, 2019 by Minister og Education and Research, Tommy Ahlers.

The storage consists of a pile of insulated stones, heated to 600 degrees, powered by the surplus from wind turbines. After a couple of days, when energy is needed again, the heat is passed through a generator which generates electricity and the residual heat is fed to district heating.


Read more:

(In English)
SEAS-NVE, project descriptionhttp://energilager.nu/en/the-project/

(In Danish)
SEAS-NVE press releasehttps://www.seas-nve.dk/koncernen/presse/nyheder-og-pressemeddelelser/2016/PM-Energilager





(Photo by Jesper Blæsild)