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New Computermodel Estimates Sediment Transport of Glaciers and Ice Caps

Communications Earth & Environment publishes new paper by Anders Damsgaard

Picture of Anders Damsgaard
Anders Damsgaard, Postdoc, Geoscience, AU


Postdoc Anders Damsgaard has in collaboration with Liran Goren, University of the Negev (Israel), and Jenny Suckale, Stanford University (California, USA) published a new article on sediments under the ice in Communications Earth & Environment. He explains the following about the paper:

Many glaciers and ice streams move rapidly because they slip over till deposits saturated with meltwater.  The dynamic interplay between ice and till reshapes the bed, creating landforms preserved from past glaciations.  Understanding the processes that shaped these landforms allows us to leverage the imprint left by past glaciations as constraints for modeling current and future deglaciation.

However, observations provide seemingly inconsistent evidence of basal processes even at the same field site.  We argue that the observed variability reflects different dynamic regimes in the subglacial environment. Our result suggests that the till-ice interface is highly dynamic with till deformation shifting from shallow to deep with changes in the force balance or variable water influx.

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