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Grundfos invests in GeoInstruments

Grundfos has invested in GeoInstruments, a spin-out of HGG here from the Department of Geoscience.

In 2020, the spin-out company Aarhus GeoInstruments originated from HydroGeophysics Group here at the Department of Geoscience. Now the Grundfos Foundation has purchased 24.9 percent of the shares in Aarhus GeoInstruments, and this allows the company to put even more effort into developing instruments and equipment that can help provide people worldwide with tools to map groundwater resources. In addition, it also gives a push in the direction towards better reaching out to customers and helping them design even better groundwater mapping projects.

GeoInstruments' CEO, Esben Auken, writes the following about what the investment means for the company: “We have some exciting plan to push out new state-of-the-art instruments in the years to come. We need to be Strong in Production, Research and Development, and We Need to Reach Our Customers. In this way we can help mitigate the world's problems with water caused by a changing climate. ”

You can read more about Grundfos' investment in GeoInstruments here.