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Metal from the Viking Age. Foto: S. M. Sindbæk

2021.04.26 | Department of Geoscience

New insight into the Viking Age craft production in Ribe

For the first time, a research project has explored the metal crafts of the Viking Age by following the entire production chain with geochemical analysis methods. The analyses were done by Vana Orfanou during her postdoc here at Geoscience and are the results of an interdisciplinary collaboration between Geoscience, Sydvestjyske Museer and UrbNet.

The caldera wall by Balo's harbour on Thera

2021.04.21 | Department of Geoscience

Article brings new light on the Santorini volcano

Walter L. Friedrich, J. Richard Wilson, Annette Højen Sørensen and Samson Katsipis discuss and reinterpret the stratigraphy of the caldera. Via geological and archaeological finds under the ash layer of the caldera wall from the Minoan eruption, they conclude that terraces existed on the inside of the caldera, which was inhabited in the Bronze Age.

On April 28, you can experience many free online lectures by Aarhus University researchers.

2021.04.20 | Department of Geoscience, Staff

Experience two different online lectures from Geoscience researchers at “Forskningens Døgn” on 28 April

Katrine Juul Andresen takes you under the sea to ”Doggerland – et forhistorisk landskab g(l)emt under Nordsøens bølger” and Rasmus Andreasen and Erik Thomsen take you back in time to ”Danmarkshistorien skrives om: Skrydstrup- og Egtvedpigen var nok ikke kosmopolitter”. See the entire program here. (In Danish)

Gender diversity in Danish geoscience

2021.04.15 | Department of Geoscience, Staff

Project initiated to achieve gender balance

The long-term perspective of the project is to achieve an equal gender distribution and thus prevent a massive loss of talent and create an attractive workplace. The project collects gender-based data, which must be discussed in relation to foreign studies and experiences regarding gender-based initiatives in research environments.

Neanderthal. Photo: sgrunden - Pixabay

2021.04.14 | Department of Geoscience

New Podcast: Have there been Neanderthals in Denmark?

Professor Emeritus Bent Odgaard and Associate Professor Søren Munch Kristiansen have contributed to a podcast on Radio4 Kraniebrud, about whether Neanderthals have lived in Denmark. You can hear the entire broadcast here. (In Danish)

Gry Hoffmann Barfod is among the writers of the popular article

2021.04.12 | Department of Geoscience

Among the top 100 most downloaded science papers in 2020 on Science Reports

'Alexandrian' glass confirmed by hafnium isotopes' is the title of the popular article, which has been downloaded more than 13,000 times. Gry Hoffmann Barfod is co-author of the popular article. If you have not yet read the article, you can find it here.