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XRF corescanner

The instrument (Itrax model from Cox Analytical Systems) scans cores or single samples in a non-destructive way. The total length is maximum 1.75 meters. The instrument can be used with either a Mo or Cr xray tube. Elements from Al to U is scanned using xray-fluorescens technique. For most elements there is a sensitivity on ppm level, the result is qualtitative.

Imaging is performed with a RGB line-scanner camera using 3x2048 pixels with the tiff or jpeg format. Xray images can be captured with a resolution of 0.020x0.020 mm. An option for magnetic susceptibility is available.

XRF scanning can be used for paleoclimate reconstruction where split sediment cores are analysed. Another use is for analyzing rock samples, i.e. for changes in mineral composition and detection of minerals such as Au or U.

The instrument can also be used on wood for determination of tree rings etc.