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Laboratory technologists work on short- or longterm research projects as well as supporting educational projects. Laboratory staff ensure quality control, handle safety issues on a daily basis, as well as the technical maintenance of instruments and equipment. Laboratory technologists are also helpful in regards of purchasing consumables, and carrying out method optimization and development in collaboration with scientific researchers.

Head of laboratories

Work environment and safety: Head of work environment at Department of Geoscience, head of local work environment committee (LAMU), appointed member of the faculty work environment committee (NAT-FAMU)

Quaternary geology and Sedimentology: Clay, tills, Stokes law, laser diffraction, x-ray diffraction, sedimentation, particle shape, particle size, sieving, fine gravel (2-4 mm) determination

Laboratory teaching and instruction/supervision of students all levels (bachelor-master-Ph.d)

Laboratory staff

Rasmus Andreasen

Member of Administrative Staff



Mineralseparation og oprensning af kvarts fra bjergarter.

Ekstraktion af 10Be og 26Al fra kvarts og prøveforberedelse til AMS.

Vejledning af speciale- og PhD-studerende.



Arbejdsmiljørepræsentant og medlem af LAMU.


XRF and X-ray of sediments

Epoxy mounting

Purification of quarts

Purification of beryllium


Clean room laboratory

Work areas

Scan of marine and lacrustine sediment cores on ITRAX Corescanner (XRF, RAD, MagSus)

Determination of minerals on x-ray diffractometer (XRD)

Determination of particle size distribution on laser diffractometer

Biomarker lab

Laboratory courses

Instruction of students


Positions of trust

Since 2016 union representative for laboratory technologists at Department of Geoscience and Department of Physics and Astronomy. 

Member of LSU.

Member of Nat-FSU.