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Various lab

Besides the mentioned instruments and special laboratories we work with various types of sample preparation within geology, geochemistry, geotechnology and archaeology: 

  • Sawing, crushing, grinding
  • Polishing
  • Freezedrying
  • Epoxy casts

For separation we use the following methods among others:

  • Sedimentation based on Stoke's Lov
  • Heavy liquid separation
  • Magnetic separation
  • Wilfley table 

Parts of our laboratories are equipped for various geochemical analysis and determination of physical properties, among others: 

  • pH
  • Acid treatment
  • Titration
  • Loss on ignition
  • Table top and and heavy centrifuges
  • Ultrasonic baths and -probe
  • End-over-end shakers and mixers
  • Various experimental furnaces, some have temperature-ramp options

We have a large selection of various microscopes, including 20 stereomicroscopes for teaching purposes and research within micropalaeontology (determining species of foraminifers) and Quaternary geology (i.e. fine gravel analyses 2-4 mm). Furthermore a full set of modern Nikon polarization microscopes for teaching purposes related to rocks and minerals.