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In the basement of the Department of Geoscience we have a core repository with hundreds of meters of marine sediments cores, mostly from the North Atlantic and Arctic regions. Entire cores are scanned using our ITRAX XRF scanner after which individual samples undergo analyses for grain size distribution, X-ray diffraction, organic biomarkers, tephrochronology, and micropaleontology in our new geomicroscopy laboratory. 

A full overview of the analytical facilities at our department can be found here.

Research Vessel Aurora

Aarhus University’s research vessel AURORA is a multifunctional research vessel with emphasis on flexibility in the accommodation, equipment and assignments. At the Department of Geoscience, RV Aurora is used for field courses with students as well as research. 

A complete overview of its facilities can be found on the Aurora webpage

Sediment Core Repository

Overview of marine sediment cores in our repository at the Department of Geoscience

Micropaleontology Collections

Micropaleontology collections

The Rolf W. Feyling-Hanssen Collection

Micropalaeontological research was introduced to Aarhus University in 1965 by Dr. Rolf W. Feyling-Hanssen and has continued uninterrupted until today. The Rolf W. Feyling-Hanssen Collection consist of a significant collection of micropaleontological samples and slides encompassing a large amount of material collected and analysed through the department’s history. A significant part of the collection consists of foraminiferal species and assemblage slides, but also diatom, dinoflagellate, and coccolith sample slides are stored in our collection.

Micropaleontological Library

Researchers in micropalaeontology, paleoceanography and paleoclimate have collected an extensive library of books and re-prints. Collection of re-prints continued until the time when journal papers became generally available online. Books are all stored at the Department of Geoscience, while preprints and most journal volumes are currently stored at the Aarhus University Library.

Micropaleontology Prep Lab

Micropaleontology Prep Lab

Biomarker Lab

For more information on our expanding Biomarker Lab, see here.