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ESP welcomes new visiting scientist

Associate Prof. Jon Procter, extended stay at Aarhus University

Jon Procter is an associate professor in volcanology. He works in the Volcanic Risks Solution group at Massey University, New Zealand, which is a multidisciplinary team of researchers focussed on understanding volcanic processes and phenomena to improve our understanding of volcanic hazards. They specialise in modelling volcanic hazards, developing new geophysical and probabilistic methods to forecast the impacts of volcanic hazards. Dr. Procter has an interest in understanding the dynamics of volcanic mass flows particularly lahars and looking at ways we can simulate these processes for hazard management. He also work closely with Maori tribes in New Zealand and other indigenous cultures in the pacific, undertaking research that contributes to understanding past responses to natural hazards and building better palaeo-environmental/hazard records. While at Aarhus University Dr. Procter will be working with ESP's Christian Tegner.