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Availability of clean water to sustain human existence is one of the major global challenges immediately and in the future. Water, and in particular fresh water is therefore a crucial resource to understand and protect

At the Department of Geoscience we have always had a strong focus on investigation of groundwater and its interaction with surface water. Where is the water; how is it flowing; how well is it protected, and how much can be extracted in a sustainable manner. These are some of the questions we work with. A key research focus has evolved around geophysical investigations of the subsurface where large areas are mapped using helicopters or towed instruments at the surface.

Focus areas:

  • Groundwater-surface water interactions in relation to climate change and water abstraction challenges globally.
  • Development of electromagnetic geophysical instruments for high-resolution subsurface mapping
  • Modelling of geophysical data and their integration into groundwater models
  • Development of mapping strategies for aquifer vulnerability to anthropogenic pollution, saltwater intrusion in coastal regions, and mapping of landfills, and monitoring of contaminated groundwater flows.
  • Numerical groundwater modelling and improvement of uncertainty estimates for improved decision models
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction.Drinking water quality and life-long public health