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Wager and Brown Layered Igneous Rocks Workshop (June 27-30, 2018)

Workshop to be convened by Rais Latypov, Steve Barnes and ESP's Christian Tegner to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication of Wager and Brown’s seminal book.

This commemorative workshop will provide a comprehensive review and debate of most recent developments in our understanding of a wide range of cumulus and post-cumulus processes operating in mafic-ultramafic layered intrusions.


From the organisers:

The workshop will immediately precede the 13th Platinum Symposium and will take place at the Ranch Hotel near Polokwane, South Africa. Attendees will gather on the evening of Wednesday 27th for a 2-day session on the Thursday and Friday (28-29th of June). On June 30th a one-day field trip to the Eastern Bushveld will be organized that will include visiting the famous Dwars River locality and other interesting stops. We encourage interested attendees to join with the Platinum Symposium to also participate in a session “Petrogenesis of layered intrusions” and related field trips to the Bushveld Complex and Great Dyke.  

Day 1 (Wednesday June 27): Arrival of attendees to the Ranch Hotel, Polokwane 


Day 2 (Thursday June 28): Processes operating in magma chambers

emplacement, crystallisation, differentiation, solidification, liquid immiscibility, compaction, convection, compositional stratification, slumping and kinetic sieving, erosion, etc.. Evening Great Debate: ''Crystal mushes versus normal/superheated melts in layered intrusions''.


Day 3 (Friday June 29): Case studies of layered intrusions and sills

Skaergaard, Rum, Stillwater, Bushveld, Sudbury, Dovyren, Ilímaussaq, Palisades Sill, etc.. Evening Great Debate: “Topic to be announced”. Your suggestions are welcomed!


Day 4 (Saturday June 30): Bus trip to the famous Dwars River locality, Eastern Bushveld. 


Confirmed presenters for lectures and debates are (in alphabetical order):

Alexey Ariskin, Lew Ashwal, Steve Barnes, Chris Ballhaus, Alan Boudreau, Grant Cawthorn, Brian O’Driscoll, Allen Glazner, Marian Holness, Rune Larsen, Rais Latypov, Wolf Maier, Mike Marks, Anders McCarthy, Dick Naslund, Christian Tegner, and Ilya Veksler.


A poster session will be organised during both days of the workshop and oral talks are also solicited (subject to time availability). We encourage all participants, especially students, to submit a one-page-long abstract (in free form, but including references) for this session.

All abstracts must be submitted to Sofia Chistyakova (Sofia.Chistyakova@wits.ac.za). The deadline for the submission is 9th of March 2018 (as for the symposium itself). The abstracts will be reviewed by organisers of the workshop and notification of acceptance and any other information will be sent to the e-mail address of the person who submitted the abstract by 1st of May 2018. All abstracts and pdf of lectures will be provided to participants electronically before the workshop via the Dropbox. 


NOTE: We have reached a preliminary agreement with the Executive Editor of the Journal of Petrology to publish a thematic volume “Layered igneous rocks: 50 years after Wager and Brown’’  to summarise the recent progress in our understanding of layered intrusions. Deadline for the submission is 1st of November 2018. We encourage those who are interested in submitting their manuscripts to this thematic volume to send information on their preliminary topic/title to Rais Latypov (Rais.Latypov@wits.ac.za) by 1st of May 2018.