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Prof. Adam Kent to visit ESP

We are excited to welcome Prof. Adam Kent from the College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, at Oregon State University to Aarhus University during the week of November 20th. Prof. Kent's research interests are mostly concerned with geochemistry, geochemical analysis and the study of volcanic and other igneous rocks. Prof. Kent also facilitates the use of laser-ablation ICP-MS techniques for internal and external users at Oregon State University. 

While he is here, Prof. Kent will work with Christian Tegner, Thomas Ulrich and PhD student Jonas Pedersen on volatiles of the North Atlantic Igneous Province. He will also meet with our other members, and hopefully some future collaborations may result.

Prof. Kent will also give two talks during his visit: 

Conditions of magma storage beneath active arc volcanoes


Origin of intraplate volcanism in Saudi Arabia