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New PhD Geoscience course at Aarhus U: Forging links between petrology and geophysics

The Department of Geoscience at Aarhus University is offering a two-week intensive Ph.D. course in Deep Earth Systems (Forging links between petrology and geophysics) designed for students interested in strengthening their background in thermodynamics, phase equilibria, heat and mass transfer, continuum mechanics, elasticity and viscoelastic theory, wave propagation, and rheology important for integrating petrologic and geophysical (especially seismological) observations, and modeling processes of the deep earth.  The course is designed to build a foundation of understanding based on first-principles that links the constitution of Earth materials to their stability, rheology and seismic properties, and reinforces these concepts through exercises, critical reviews of the literature and group projects.

This new Ph.D. course is team-taught by Aarhus faculty (mostly ESP team members) and invited experts in petrology, geophysics/seismology and geodynamics.

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