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Guest professor Craig Lundstrom arrives

Craig Lundstrom, Visiting professor from the University of Illinois


from 01.08. to 30.09. 2016

Charles Lesher successfully applied for the AUFF guest researcher grant to support a visit by internationally acclaimed researcher Craig Lundstrom to Aarhus University.

Craig studies the formation of Earth’s crust and magma evolution through a combination of experimental petrology and isotope geochemistry. He focuses on the processes of magma differentiation with specific emphasis on the formation of silicic igneous such as granites and rhyolites. Recent research has examined the role of temperature gradients in magma chambers where silicate melts evolve using new methods of measuring silicon and iron isotopes. He will be working on developing the Si isotope procedure at Aarhus including direct measurement of microsamples by laser ablation of quartz to better understand how magma chambers work.