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Geochemical conference held in Paris, August 13-18



Graham Adrian Hagen-Peter (postdoc), Niklas Stausberg (Ph.d. student) and Ole Skursch (Ph.d. student) gave each a presentation:  


Graham Adrian Hagen-Peter

Strontium isotopes in plagioclase constrain mantle sources and crustal differentiation processes of the Skaergaard Intrusion and Kialineq Complex of eastern Greenland. Hagen-Peter, G., Vestergaard, C., Tegner, C., Ulrich, T., Andreasen, R., Lesher, C. (2017).


Niklas Stausberg

Phenocryst-matrix study of Fe isotope fractionation at magmatic conditions. Stausberg N, Andreasen R & Lesher C (2017).


Ole Skursch

On the Relationship of the Nebo Granite to the Rustenburg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex. Skursch O, Tegner C, Corfu F, Cawthorn G, Hagen-Peter G & Lesher C (2017).