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ESP's Christian Tegner at 32nd Winter Meeting in Oslo

Organised by Geological Society of Norway

Christian Tegner is attending this year's Winter Meeting (#32) in Oslo. The conference presets an opportunity for all geoscience disciplines to meet, providing an arena for knowledge sharing, networking, inspiration and learning. Geoscientists from various industries, academia, communities and research centres attend. The Future of Geoscience is an overall theme for the conference in 2017, with a focus on how geologists con? tribute to new thinking and value creation related to the green shift and within their work areas.


Christian, and his collaborators including ESP's Eric Brown, and colleagues from CEED, Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research, and Geomodelling Solutions, are presenting the following work:

  • A new look at the pre-Caledonian margin of Baltica. (Andersen T.B.; Jakob, J.; Kjøll, H.-J.; Corfu, F.; Tegner, C.)
  • Wilson-cycle “kick-off”: Constraining the influence of a LIP during the Neoproterozoic evolution of the pre- Caledonian margin of Baltica and Laurentia. (Kjøll, H.J.; Andersen, T.B.; Tegner, C.; Corfu, F.; Planke, S.)
  • Linking volcanism and gas release from the North East Atlantic Volcanic Province to the PETM: Challenges and updates. (Svensen, H.H.; Jones, M.T.; Augland, L.E.; Jerram, D.A.; Planke, S.; Kjoberg, S.; Iyer, K.; Schmid, D.W.; Tegner, C.)
  • The pre-Caledonian Scandinavian Dyke Complex and 600 Ma plate reconstructions of Baltica. (Tegner, T.; Andersen, T.B.; Brown, E.L.; Corfu, F.; Planke, S.; Kjøll, H.J.; Torsvik, T.H.)