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ESP/CEED joint workshop at University in Oslo

The ESP team traveled en masse to Oslo over the weekend to participate in a joint meeting with the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED). We used the opportunity to learn in detail what each group is working on, and to establish potential areas of collaboration. 

The ESP group gave the following presentations:

Chip Lesher: Introduction to AU Center of Earth System Petrology (ESP), DNRF Niels Bohr Professorship, Deep Earth Systems and AGIR (Aarhus Geochemistry and Isotope Research) Platform.

Eric Brown: Melt Generation in Lithologically Heterogeneous Mantle –  Models and Applications to the North Atlantic Large Igneous Province

Hannah Bobrowski:  Experimental Studies of Fractional Melting of Mantle Peridotites and Applications to the Formation of the North Atlantic

Kenni Petersen: Thermomechanical modeling of passive margin formation, evolution and magmatism

Jonas Møller Pedersen: Volatile evolution in the Layered Series of the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland

Niklas Stausberg: Fe isotope in magmatic systems - a case study of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Graham Hagen-Peter: Laser ablation split-stream ICPMS – Applications to metamorphic and igneous petrology

Rasmus Andreasen:  Isotope records of meteorites – messengers from Mars

Christian Tegner:  CAMP and the High Arctic Igneous Province – Present and Future ESP – CEED collaborations


After the workshop, Reidar Trønnes (CEED) guided us on a two-day field trip around the Oslo Rift. You can see lots of photos of the field trip on our Facebook page.