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Announcing Bill Glassley's new book 'A Wilder Time'

ESP's William E. Glassley has released a new book, A Wilder Time: Notes from a Geologist at the Edge of the Greenland Ice. Glassley's inspiration comes from Greenland, one of the last truly wild places. Over numerous seasons Glassley, John Korstgård (ESP) and Kai Sørensen, traveled to Greenland to collect samples and observe rock formations for evidence to prove a contested theory that plate tectonics is a much more ancient process than some believed. As their research drove them ever farther into regions barely explored by humans, Glassley encountered wondrous creatures and natural phenomena that gave him unexpected insight into the origins of myth, the virtues and boundaries of science, and the importance of seeking wilderness within. 

You can read a review of his new book in Ted Nield's Nature article 'Taking Greenland’s geology to another dimension.'