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Image analyzer

The Qicpic instrument measures particle size (0.02-20mm) and particle shape (0.06-20mm) by use of dynamic image analyzing. For geological material that contains mica or feldspar minerals only > 1 mm to avoid contamination.

A laser beam in the instrument emits light pulses at 532 nm through a measuring zone. The light hits the surface of the particles and will be led through a lense system to a CMOS camera which detects the signal.

The user has the option of choosing any particle class to work with. The higher the number of particle classes, the more measuring points but also the larger the files will be. Particles are fed with a set velocity through the measuring area by use of vibration and gravitational dispersion. The lense (M8) uses a magnification times 2. Pixel size is 0.010x0.010mm. Measurement is performed with a high-speed camera that captures up to 450 images per second.

The software has the availability for statistical analyses and the following parameters can be evaluated: Feret diameter, sphericity, aspect ratio, convexity, fibre length, fibre diameter etc.

The outputs are either graphical, raw text data files or avi videos.

More information to be found on the manufacturers website: www.sympatec.com


Sympatec Qicpic
Qicpic måling