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Jörg Schullehner


Adjunkt, Ph.d.

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Jörg Schullehner




I work highly interdisciplinary, focussing on health effects of environmental risk factors. I model environmental exposures in time and space, and carry out epidemiological studies, for example handling big data sets in the Danish registers.

I have a special interest for drinking water quality: Why and how much is our water polluted? What are the effects on the environment and on our health? What can we do to secure clean water and healthy aquatic environments for future generations?

Tools I use and teach others to use include R, python, GIS.


Head of Course (lectures, small-class teaching, examination, 10 ECTS): Environment and Health, B.Sc. Public Health, Aarhus University

Head of Course (3 ECTS): GIS in Health Sciences, PhD course, Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University

Lecturer and examinator: Public Health, Bachelor Medicine, Aarhus University


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

ISGlobal Barcelona, Spain

National Cancer Institute, USA

Yale University, USA

University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

US Geological Survey, USA

Cancer Society, Denmark

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