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GEOSCIENCE SEMINAR - v/Ken Lawrie, Geoscience Australia

BHMAR and Beyond: recent science advances, and a strategic vision for groundwater science in Australia

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Tirsdag 23. september 2014,  kl. 14:15 - 15:15


This talk will cover key results from our groundwater science projects across Australia, highlight the higher learnings from our BHMAR Project and follow-up work, and give a sense of where we are going from a strategic science perspective (methodologies, technologies, capability and capacity etc). The talk will highlight the fact that we are already experiencing significant change in the way we implement this new vision - it definitely won’t be 'business as usual' 2 years from now, as we move further down the track with trans-disciplinary science approaches and super-computing platforms. Some of the implications for airborne geophysics, including AEM, will be covered.