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2021.03.19 | Department of Geoscience

Youth video about the possibility of a new ice age

On the youth channel Tjek, they ask the question whether we are heading into a new ice age? To investigate this further, they have asked Professor Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz from the Department of Geoscience for advice. Watch the video here. (In Danish)

At Geoscience, there is an increase in the number of quota 2 applicants

2021.03.17 | Department of Geoscience

Increase in applicants for Geoscience on quota 2

The application deadline for quota 2 applications has just expired. Almost 6,000 applicants have chosen Aarhus University as their first priority. This is an increase of 3% compared to 2020. Natural Sciences has received 400 first-priority applications, which is the same as last year. At Geoscience, there is an increase in the number of applicants.

A 1U-CubeSat is 10 cm on each side and weighs 1 kg. Illustration: Space Inventor

2021.03.12 | Department of Geoscience

Danish students will launch their own satellite next summer

The satellite will be launched on a Falcon-9 rocket in the Summer of 2022. The satellite will include a number of smaller student experiments as well as serve as a communications station for radio amateurs around the world. Christoffer Karoff from the Department of Geoscience is part of the project.

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