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Assistant professor Katrine Juul Andresen, Department of Geoscience

2021.07.09 | Department of Geoscience

Mapping of mines at Kalø Vig

There are still old mines from World War II in “Koraldybet” by Kalø Vig. In this clip from TV2 Østjylland, you can hear our assistant professor Katrine Juul Andresen (from 4:08) talk about a project that maps the mines. Here, Geoscience is involved in data collection and advice on the mapping.

Christoffer Karoff, Department of Geoscience

2021.07.07 | Department of Geoscience

From supernova to star dust - the mystery of Betelgeuse has been solved

Several astronomers believed that the giant star Betelgeuse was about to explode, but this was not the case. Instead, it was stardust that surrounded Betelgeuse. But the whole process around Betelgeuse is important in understanding the development - and also the origin of life - in the Universe, Christoffer Karoff says in the article. (In Danish)

Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz from the Department of Geoscience

2021.06.30 | Department of Geoscience

What the ice can tell - field trip to Greenland

In north-eastern Greenland, there are unexplored areas when it comes to research into climate change and the marine environment. Now, a research project funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and led by Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, will create valuable knowledge about the region by using a new and unique data set. Read further here.

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