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The SeaL MICO2 (Sea-level changes during the Miocene Icehouse Earth under high atmospheric CO2) project is funded by the Geocenter Denmark. The project will be carried at GEUS, Aarhus University and Copenhagen University from June 2019 to May 2021.

The purpose of the project is to evaluate the temperature and sea-level rise in the North Sea Basin under higher-than-present atmospheric CO2. To achieve the goal the research team will perform multidisciplinary high-resolution analysis of the Sdr. Vium sediment core (borehole DGU no. 120.948; 54°53’23.18’’N, 9°49’43.94’’E). The borehole was drilled as a part of the comprehensive project aiming at mapping Miocene aquifers onshore Jutland. The borehole is penetrating the most complete Miocene succession (21 to ~9 Million years ago) in Denmark. The borehole was the most important key-borehole for the established lithostratigraphy and dinocyst zonation defined for the Miocene succession onshore Denmark.