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Research Subjects

At SeisLab Aarhus we undertake research and education, and we have a long tradition for research & development projects in collaboration with our industry partners. Our subjects of research cover the fields of structural geology, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentary basin analysis, petroleum systems including analysis of subsurface fluid migration and focused fluid flow features, geohazards including mass transport, sediment remobilization, paleolandscape reconstruction, marine geo-archaeology, and shallow subsurface and seafloor processes (including varying ice-sheet related processes) relevant for offshore constructions such as wind farms and platforms and a sustainable usage of the shallow subsurface in near-coastal settings.

Current research projects

Ongoing master thesis projects

  • Thor Bjerg Petersen: "3D seismic mapping of geothermal reservoirs on the northern part of the Ringkøbing-Fyn High in Jylland".
    Main supervisor: Ole Rønø Clausen.
  • Mathilde Rahbek Juncker: ”Geological development of the Tannis Bay”.
    Main supervisor:  Katrine Juul Andresen. Co-supervision:  Matthew Owen (GEUS).    
  • Luna Winther: “Miocene basin geometry in the eastern North Sea”. Luna's project is a part of the SeaL MICO2 project.
    Main supervisor: Ole Rønø Clausen. Co-supervision: Katrine Juul Andresen & Erik Skovbjerg Rasmussen (GEUS).  
  • Thomas Højland Lorentzen: " Seismic inversion with focus on geothermal reservoir in central Jutland".
    Supervisors: Thomas Mejer Hansen & Ole Rønø Clausen.   

Ongoing Post doc and PhD projects

  • Torsten Hundebøl Hansen: "Early Cretaceous tectonic evolution, paleogeography, deposition and redeposition in the Central Graben", LOCRETA