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For students

At GeoMatch you will meet businesses, organizations and authorities on your turf.

Grab this unique and easy opportunity to access a wealth of knowledge and contacts:

  • Presentation of all participating businesses during "three-minute-madness"
  • The opportunity to talk to representatives from businesses, organizations and authorities
  • The chance to introduce yourself and all you have to offer a potential employer (e.g. student jobs, part-time or full-time job, industrial project, master’s theses collaborations or an industrial PhD)
  • Contact to researchers from the entire department – perhaps your new supervisor is among them?
  • Free sandwich, coffee, snacks, coffee and beer

As a student, you will gain insight into:

  • Titles and contents of the jobs your education is geared towards
  • Businesses that employ master’s graduates with your skills
  • Which skills and competencies are required for the positions
  • The way the businesses describe what they need – and how you match 
  • Which tasks, clients and challenges the companies face
  • How you, with your profile, can solve tasks, innovate and develop the business 
  • Businesses that hire graduates with your skills