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Per Trinhammer

2021.05.05 | Department of Geoscience

PORO-CLIM will map the seabed in the Atlantic Ocean

On board the ship Celtic Explorer, Per Trinhammer will for the next 4 weeks together with researchers and engineers from Danish, British and Irish universities map the seabed in the Atlantic Ocean under Porcupine and Rockall basins. They look at how the Earth's deep interior has affected the global climate in the geological past. Follow them here.

Niels Claes, postdoc at Geoscience

2021.05.04 | Department of Geoscience

New article on the impact of flood irrigation on the water cycle

More than 60% of the applied water in flood irrigation can slowly return back to the riparian zones and streams with delays that can be more than a month. This 'temporary storage' of water is an important component of the water cycle. This can be seen in models that Niels Claes has made with partners from the University of Wyoming.

Metal from the Viking Age. Foto: S. M. Sindbæk

2021.04.26 | Department of Geoscience

New insight into the Viking Age craft production in Ribe

For the first time, a research project has explored the metal crafts of the Viking Age by following the entire production chain with geochemical analysis methods. The analyses were done by Vana Orfanou during her postdoc here at Geoscience and are the results of an interdisciplinary collaboration between Geoscience, Sydvestjyske Museer and UrbNet.

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