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Streaming of Earth Talks - Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling

On January 16th at 12.15-13.15 there will be a streaming of Earth Talks in the Auditorium

2019.01.15 | Krishna Maria Olsen

Date Wed 16 Jan
Time 12:15 13:15
Location Geoscience, Auditorium

EarthTalks resumes its activities with a new season starting Wednesday 1th of January.

EarthTalks are inspirational talks by world leading researchers within the field of geoscience. EarthTalks is a biweekly seminar aimed at bringing together all scientists, PhD students, master’s students and enthusiastic BSc students across Geocenter Denmark.

Please join us for the first EarthTalk of the 2019 winter season:

Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling – Concept and case studies from classical exploration to climatic impact modelling.

Dr. Martin Neumaier

Imperial College



Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling is a technology widely used by the oil and gas industry to assess risk and feed decisions in exploration. Such modelling allows geoscientists to examine the dynamics of sedimentary basins (compaction, pore pressure, heat flow) and their associated hydrocarbon fluids to determine if past conditions were suitable for oil and gas to be generated in source rocks, and if those hydrocarbons may have charged potential reservoirs and are still preserved there.

This presentation covers an introduction into petroleum systems, the basic modelling concepts and applied academic and industry studies from different parts of the world. The presented modelling showcases standard industry tasks in the exploration for hydrocarbons (risk mapping, prospect charge, post-drill analysis) and finishes on ongoing research at Imperial College investigating hydrocarbon release to the atmosphere in geological time due to recurrent sea level change (Milankovic cycles) or unique massive sea-level drops (Messinian salinity crisis).

Department of Geoscience