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Master's thesis defense - Dave Jørgen Gaarde Ambres Carstensen

2020.09.18 | Susanne Weis Fogh

Date Wed 23 Sep
Time 14:00 15:15
Location Geoscience Auditorium, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 2, building 1671, room 137

Master thesis title: "Trace Element Analysis of Magmatic Quartz and K-feldspar from Barren and Mineralized Granitoids from the Mining Province of the Eastern Qinling Molybdenum Belt, China"

Presentation: "The use of trace element composition in minerals"

  • Supervisor/ Examiner:
    Thomas Ulrich
  • External examiner:
    Thomas Kokfelt, GEUS
Department of Geoscience, Masters degree exam