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Lecture - Dr. Jiri Chlachula from Laboratory for Palaeoecology, University Zlin, Czech Republic

Topic: Geoarchaeology of the earliest American migrations

2019.09.12 | Susanne Weis Fogh

Date Thu 26 Sep
Time 16:00 17:00
Location Geoscience, building 1673, room 118


  • Late Pleistocene palaeogeography of the Eastern Beringia
  • Last Glacial history of western Canada
  • Glacigenic formations as sealling geocontexts for archaeological sites
    (the Final Pleistocene "Ice-free" migration vs. the pre-LGM palaeolithic migration model)
  • MIS 3 palaeoenvironments: the Siberian-American biotic and cultural linkages     
Lecture / talk, Department of Geoscience