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Introducing Graham Hagen-Peter

ESP's new postdoctoral researcher

Graham earned his PhD from UC Santa Barbara in 2016, where he studied the metamorphic and magmatic history of an ancient accretionary orogen in Antarctica. After graduate school, he taught geology courses at St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges in Minnesota. He recently joined the Earth System Petrology group at Aarhus with interest in exploring various processes of the geochemical evolution of the earth's upper mantle and crust. His research interests include: 1) The mechanisms of (continental) crustal growth; 2) The depletion/enrichment history of the mantle lithosphere, and its bearing on heat flux, rheology, and seismology; 3) Using in situ Sr isotopes in plagioclase to track crystallization and assimilation during magmatism in the crust; 4) Developing new analytical techniques in the new geochemistry labs at AU.