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Gry Barfod's geologists in training!

Geoscience addresses all issues relating to Earth Systems, including the solid Earth, oceans, and atmosphere. Geoscientists explore the natural world from the core of the Earth to the outer reaches of space. Moreover, our studies of the Earth provide information for society to use in solving problems. For example, we can help establish policies for resource management, environmental protection, public health, safety, and welfare. Geoscientists also help discover and develop supplies of groundwater, mineral ores, and construction materials. We study and mitigate geohazards, like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, and landslides.  

Earth System Petrology's Gry Barfod, turned 1st grade students at Holme Skole into geoscientists for an afternoon, as they learned about the Earth! The mini-geologists made the Earth's layers in play dough as they gear up for joining the Geoscience Department in 2031!