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ESP's Dr. Skursch publishes new article

Former ESP PhD student, Ole Skursch, has just published an article detailing some of his thesis work on the Bushveld Complex, South Africa. The ESP team, with their South African colleague, describe the transition from the ultramafic uppermost Rustenburg Layered Suite into overlying granite and granophyre at three locations in the western (the Bierkraal drill core) and eastern (Diepkloof farm and Stoffberg town) limbs of the Bushveld Complex. Their work shows that granitic and mafic magmas co-existed in the Bushveld Complex. Further, the top of the Rustenburg Layered Suite has two main expressions. Finally they recognize a transition zone in contact with granite, and fractional crystallization in contact with meta-volcanic roof rocks.

You can read the full article here.