Title: Where from an where to with EM near surface geophysics – a recap of the huge advancements within the last few years

02.03.2018 | Ann Eg Mølhave

Dato tor 08 mar
Tid 14:15 15:15
Sted Geoscience's auditorie, 1671-137

Geology, hydrology and mineral exploration goes hand in hand with near surface geophysics as it provides a direct or indirect image in 3D of the subsurface properties. The property can be the high resistivity of sand layers guiding the water flow in groundwater modelling or it can be the conductive host rock for mineralization’s. Because of new electronics and faster and more deployable computers the methods has undergone huge developments which we just need to pick up and exploit.  

Institut for Geoscience, Seminar, Medarbejdere