GEOSCIENCE SEMINAR - Dr. William E. Glassley, University of California, Davis

Geothermal energy research in California, USA

28.04.2017 | Lone Davidsen

Dato man 08 maj
Tid 13:00 14:00
Sted Geoscience auditorium, 1671-137


Geothermal Energy Research in California, USA
William E. Glassley, University of California, Davis

California is one of the main producers of geothermal energy in the world, with an installed capacity of nearly 3,000 MW, and potential for an additional 10,000 MW of conventional and up to 60,000 MW enhanced geothermal power generation. But a variety of motivators are encouraging consideration of unconventional geothermal resources. This presentation will describe research directions currently being pursued, including: 1. Co-produced fluids from oil and gas fields for direct applications and power generation – millions of barrels of 54oC co-produced water from oil and gas wells is currently re-injected daily in the Los Angeles Basin. Strategies for utilizing these and higher temperature waters are being evaluated. 2. Better methods for locating and assessing geothermal resources – Sonoma County is undertaking an analysis of the location and magnitude of geothermal resources that feed springs utilized in spas. This analysis is making use of new simulation and modeling techniques that provide more robust assessments and risk determination. The results will allow better resource characterization, description of the relationship to the local hydrology, how to manage future uses of low-temperature resources so as to avoid impacts on existing uses and water availability. 3. Hybrid uses – consideration is being given to technologies that could combine with geothermal to provide more flexible uses. Potential hybrid combinations involve solar, thermal storage, geothermal-desalination, and flexible generation.

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