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Geosceince Seminar - Prof. Alan Boudrau, Duke University, North Carolina, USA

Platinum-Group Element (PGE) Deposits in Layered Intrusions: The Hydromagmatic Model

30.04.2019 | Krishna Maria Olsen

Dato man 06 maj
Tid 14:15 15:00
Sted Geoscience, 1672-141

Conventional orthomagmatic models for the formation of PGE deposits in layered intrusions typically envision the deposits having formed as a result of sulfide saturation event in the magma and PGE collection as this sulfide interacts with a large volume of magma. An alternative hydromagmatic model envisions the ore elements move upwa rd during solidification and degassing of the crystal pile. The mineralizing vapor both introduces the ore component and also changes the host rock by remelting and other melt-crystal-vapor reactions

All are welcome to attend, coffee and cookies as usual.

Institut for Geoscience, Seminar