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AFLYST - Geoscience seminar - Associate professor Lena Håkansson, UNIS, Norge

Den 11. oktober 2018 bliver der afholdt Geoscience seminar med titlen "Detailed sedimentological investigations challenge our understanding of deposition in Arctic fjords during the last glacial cycle"

03.10.2018 | Krishna Maria Olsen

Dato tor 11 okt
Tid 13:15 14:00
Sted Geoscience, 1673-118

Svalbard and the Barents Sea shelf have repeatedly been covered by large ice sheets during the Pleistocene. Most of the evidence for this comes from the marine record, but there are a hand-full of sites where the evidence for multiple glacier advances on Svalbard have been preserved in the terrestrial stratigraphic record; one of them being the coastal sections at Kapp Ekholm situated in the central parts of Svalbard.

 All are welcome to attend, coffee and cake as usual.

Seminar, Institut for Geoscience