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Past Meetings

under the umbrella of the 13th International Platinum Symposium.

The workshop was convened to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication of Wager and Brown’s seminal book. It provided a comprehensive review of most recent developments in our understanding of a wide range of cumulus and post‐cumulus processes operating in mafic‐ ultramafic layered intrusions. The workshop immediately preceded the 13th International Platinum Symposium at the Ranch Hotel near Polokwane, South Africa). Attendees gathered on the evening of Wednesday June 27th for a 2‐ day session on the Thursday and Friday (28‐29th of June). On June 30th a one‐day field trip to the Eastern Bushveld was organized including visiting the famous Dwars River locality and other interesting stops followed by a return to the ice breaker of the Platinum Symposium. 

Visits to various sites on the Platreef took place during the week of symposium and were included in the cost of the conference. Post symposium field trips were also arranged. 


Penrose Conference: Layered Mafic Intrusions and Associated Economic Deposits

Red Lodge, Montana, USA  

8–12 August 2016

The conference gathered an impressive array of 58 experts and six industry delegates from Taiwan, the UK, Canada, South Africa, and the US.

The scientific party collectively defined the following key questions: • What are the timescales of emplacement and cooling of LMI? • What is the physical nature of a magma chamber? • Have large volume mafic magma chambers ever existed? • How do monomineralic layers form in LMI? • How much crustal contamination occurs in LMI magmatism? • In what tectonic settings are LMI likely to form? • What can we learn from the material sciences about the cooling and solidification of layered cumulates?

Abstracts of presentations available here.


Layered Intrusions Workshop

Potsdam, Germany

12 -13 August 2015

Steve Barnes

New observations on oikocrysts: trapped liquid products or cumulus phases?


Marian Holness

What controls plag-plag-augite dihedral angles in gabbros and dolerites?


Troels Nielsen

Thickness of mush zones In the Skaergaard intrusion during the formation of mineralisation


James Mungall

Physical constraints on the mobility of vapour in partially molten cumulates


Ilya Veksler

Fenner trend in mafic intrusions


Chip Lesher

Iron isotopes and the liquid line of descent of the Skaergaard intrusion


Niklas Stausberg

Fe isotope systematics in the Bushveld Complex


Olivier Namur

Immiscible iron- and silica-rich liquids in the Upper Zone of the Bushveld Complex


Bernard Charlier

Parental magma to the Bushveld Upper Zone and rhyolite tapping


Wolfgang Maier

Composition and mantle sources of Bushveld parent magmas: constraints from the marginal rocks


Ole Skursch

Transistion from mafic to felsic rocks at the top of the Bushveld Complex


Qian Yuan

Stratigraphy of the Bierkraal cores and processes in the Upper Zone of the Bushveld Complex


Rais Latypov and Sofia Chistyakova

Field evidence for in situ crystallization of the UG2 chromitite, South Africa


Rais Latypov and Sofia Chistyakova

New observations on the undercutting Merensky Reef of the Bushveld Complex


Felix Kaufmann

The petrogenesis of chromitites in layered intrusions: Evidence from the mineral chemistry of the UG2 layer of the Eastern Bushveld Complex


Zoja Vukmanovic

Formation and evolution of dense monomineralic layers: preliminary data from the Main Magnetitite layer, Bushveld Complex, South Africa"


Jill VanTongeren

A survey of the immediate roof of the Rustenburg Layered Suite in the eastern limb of the Bushveld Complex


Wolfgang Maier

The origin of the sulfide and chromite ore in the Uitkomst Complex in South Africa


Luke Hepworth

Incremental construction of the Unit 10 peridotite, Rum Eastern Layered Intrusion, NW Scotland


Thomas Grant

An Example of a Deep Crustal Plumbing System of a LIP; The Reinfjord Mafic-Ultramafic intrusion, Seiland Igneous Province, Northern Norway


Dick Naslund

Differentiation processes in thin sills (<50m) and implications for larger intrusions


Rune Berg Larsen

Formation, migration, and fate of late stage interstitial melts during compaction of the Skaergaard cumulates


Marian Holness

Microstructural evidence for convection in the Shiant Isles Main Sill




Malte Junge

Distribution of platinum-group elements and the presence of nanometer-sized platinum-group minerals in sulfides from the Bushveld Complex


Alena Sedunova

Mineral chemistry and 3D textures of the UG2 layer, Bushveld Complex


Artem Gorbunov

PGE mineralization of the East Pana intrusion, Kola peninsula, Russia


Kathrine Faak

Determination of cooling rates in sills and layered intrusions using diffusion chronometry'


Bartosz Karykowski

In situ Sr isotopic composition of plagioclase from the Main Zone, Bushveld Complex: Evidence for magma mixing?


Ben Hayes

Partners in crime: Combined mush disaggregation and in situ crystallization in a basaltic sill