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2015.04.30 | Department of Geoscience

Results from a SkyTEM mapping on Antarctic published in Nature Communications.

AU researchers are co-authors of the paper in the peer-reviewed scientific journal. Read it here.

2015.03.18 | Department of Geoscience, Staff

Geothermal energy in Denmark – investigating regional variations in reservoir quality

PHD defence by Mette Olivarius on 9 April

2015.03.09 | Department of Geoscience, Staff, Public / media

The ice sheet of the past tells about the future

A team of Danish researchers has succeeded in very precisely quantifying how the ice in Greenland reacted to a warm period 8,000–5,000 years ago, when the temperature in Greenland was 2–4 degrees warmer than it is today. The results have just been published in the renowned scientific journal Geology, and are very interesting because we are fast…

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