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Glacial mega-ripples (GMRs) of unspecified origin at Mogenstrup, western Jutland

2017.05.05 | Department of Geoscience, Staff

Grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences for Jan Piotrowski, Geoscience

Project: Enigmatic glacial landsystems: Deciphering ice-marginal processes of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet (EGSys)

2017.05.02 | Department of Geoscience, Staff

Annual growth ring studies of climate and pollution changes in Greenland

Researchers from departments of Geoscience, Bioscience, Chemistry and Engineering have received DKK 496.000 from Science and Technology for a joint project

2017.04.26 | Department of Geoscience

Professor Andrew Murray awarded prestigious Belgian price

The Belgian ”Fondation Francqui – Stichting” has awarded professor Andrew Murray, leader of Nordic Laboratory for Luminescence Dating, Department of Geoscience, AU, "the International Francqui Chair 2016-2017".

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