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Photo: Siv Hastrup Steffensen

2018.07.18 | Department of Geoscience, Public / media

The Danish carrier pigeons are not enjoying the heat

Christoffer Karoff from Department of Geoscience explains to DR, how solar coronal holes can be one of the reasons why Danish carrier pigeons have problems finding home this summer.

2018.06.13 | Department of Geoscience, Debate

Geoscience at this year's People`s Meeting in Bornholm

Søren Munch Kristiansen will represent Geoscience at the People`s Meeting on Friday June 15th 2018, 3-4 PM. Debate: Vand er guld værd

2018.06.13 | Department of Geoscience, Public / media

Denmark is sweating. Are climate changes making the heat even warmer?

Mads Faurschou Knudsen has commented on the subject to DR.

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Wed 19 Sep
14:15-15:15 | Geoscience auditorium, 1671-137
Geoscience Seminar - Dr. Peter Outridge, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
The Global Mercury Cycle: what have we learned in recent years, what still don’t we know, and what surprises may await us in future.
Wed 26 Sep
09:00-16:00 | Remisen, Godsbanen in Aarhus
The aim of the workshop is to foster better use of the possibilities arising with Newspace. Newspace refers to the globally emerging space movement led by the faster, better and cheaper access to space. It includes private space initiatives like SpaceX, large freely available services like the Copernicus program and the use of ultra-cheap microsatellites.
Fri 02 Nov
12:15-16:00 | Institut for Geoscience, Auditoriet og Foyer
Career Day at Geoscience
Friday 2 November 2018 at 12:15-16 in the Geoscience auditorium and the Foyer. Career day arranged in a collaboration between Department of Geoscience, the student organization Igor and danish geotechnical society.

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