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2019.10.30 | Publication, Research, Department of Geoscience

New article in Scientific Reports about the reaction to climate changes of the Ice Sheet in Greenland

Southwest Greenland shelf glaciation during MIS 4 more extensive than during the Last Glacial Maximum

2019.10.30 | Research, Department of Geoscience, Publication

New article in Science Advances on the causes of mass extinction 201 million years ago

Mutated ferns shed light on the mass extinction during the Triassic period

2019.09.23 | Department of Geoscience, Publication

"Hunt for the Cosmogenic nuclides". Article in Laboranten magazine.

Laboratory technicians Birte Lindahl Eriksen and Rikke Brok Jensen wrote an article about their visit at the University of Vermont, the Department of Geology, Community Cosmogenic Facility.

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