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2019.11.15 | Department of Geoscience, Environment, climate and energy

700 'scientists and professionals' sends an open letter to the UN cancelling the climate emergency, but the letter is rubbish

There is no climate crisis, according to an open letter to the UN signed by over 700 people, allegedly scientists and professionals. But the letter is filled with half-truths, and most of it is rubbish, it says, among other things, from five climate scientists.

2019.10.31 | Department of Geoscience, Research

New podcast: How do you find life in space?

Geoscience is not just about understanding the Earth. It is also a question of understanding the geology of the thousands of exoplanets we have discovered over the past few years, and thus the possibilities for finding life in other parts of the universe

2019.10.30 | Publication, Research, Department of Geoscience

New article in Scientific Reports about the reaction to climate changes of the Ice Sheet in Greenland

Southwest Greenland shelf glaciation during MIS 4 more extensive than during the Last Glacial Maximum

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