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Geoscience Seminar: Prof. Jason Briner, Department of Geology, University at Buffalo, USA

On February 28th we will hold a Geoscience Seminar: A blast from the past: The response of the Greenland Ice Sheet to Holocene climate change

2019.02.01 | Susanne Weis Fogh

Date Thu 28 Feb
Time 13:15 14:00
Location Geoscience, Auditorium 1671-137


Global warming, melting glaciers, sea level rise. These buzz-phrases are features of the daily news. And for good reason, because they are also topics intensely explored by disciplines in science and beyond.
This talk will highlight the latest lessons learned about these topics from ongoing research about the history of the Greenland Ice Sheet. In particular, I will address questions such as: what was the Greenland Ice Sheet’s response to abrupt climate change during the Holocene? How did elevated temperature in the early and middle Holocene impact ice sheet size? In addressing these questions, I will highlight the latest geological toolkit available to glacial geologists, present photographs and videos of field research on Greenland, and show how approaches from a range of disciplines can be combined for larger gain than from disciplinary work alone.

Seminar, Department of Geoscience