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Research Facilities

The AGIR Platform's primary facility is the Picotrace ultra low particulate, metal-free clean laboratory for sample digestion and elemental purification. We also support and have access to optical microscopy and sample preparation facilities.

AGIR's instrumentation includes the Nu Plasma II multi-collector ICP-MS for high-precision isotope ratio measurements, Agilent 7900 quadrupole ICP-MS for determination of trace element abundances, Resonetics Resolution 193 nm laser coupled to either (or both) ICP-MS for in situ analysis, Bruker M4 Tornado micro-X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for 2D chemical mapping, and the JEOL electron microprobe for quantitative chemical WDS/EDS analysis.

Class 100 Metal-Free Clean Lab

Agilent 7900 Quad ICPMS

Resonetics Resolution 193 nm Laser

Nu Plasma II MC-ICP-MS

Bruker M4 Tornado Micro-XRF

JEOL JXA-8600 Superprobe