Peter Thy

Honorary associate professor

Peter Thy earned a PhD from Aarhus University in 1982. His research includes the igneous petrology of basalts and gabbros, the petrogenetic origin and magmatic evolution of ophiolites and spreading centers, and experimental studies of phase equilibria, magma/lava evolution, melting relations and the formation of ash and slag from biomass combustion and gasification.

Peter has spent field seasons in Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Cyprus, Botswana and Turkey and participated in several ocean drilling expeditions.

Some of Peter’s most recent published work identifies the origins of scoria droplets from Pleistocene and Holocene archaeological sites in northern Syria as anthropogenic, casting doubt on the impact hypothesis proposed for the extinction of mammals.

Peter Thy has worked for many years with members of the Earth System Petrology group. We were delighted that this partnership was reinforced through Peter’s appointment as Honorary Associate Professor in Igneous at the Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University in 2015.



Phone: +1 530 752 0350

Department of Geology

University of California

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