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Geoscience Dag

En dag hvor vi præsenterer vore mange spændende geoprojekter for hinanden.

13.03.2018 | Ann Eg Mølhave

Dato ons 09 maj
Tid 09:00 17:00
Sted Geoscience's auditorie, 1671-137

As for the previous years, we expect a large crowd to assist this meeting and we call here for your registration in order to better plan this day.

We are also looking for motivated persons from all working groups to present their work or anything else related to the daily life in Department (either as oral or poster presentation), may they be employees or students!

Please use the following weblink to sign up for this day and indicate if you are willing to give a presentation as well as a preliminary title (this one may still be changed later).


Like the previous years, coffee breaks, lunch and end-of-the-day refreshments time are planned. And this year, there will be a surprise part to spice up the meeting!

The deadline for subscription is Friday the 30th of March.

On behalf of the organising committee




Temadag, Institut for Geoscience, Medarbejdere